How we survived the launch day

Today was the launch day. The day that we were so much looking forward to; as if we were children waiting for the Birthday or Christmas. The day has justified itself. It turned out very intense and dramatic like the real blockbuster. We were happy and terrified, even desperate at some point, but in the end it there was a happy sigh in the best Hollywood traditions.

Indeed, we haven’t avoided some pitfalls. Just half an hour after we announced the launch and the major news site Tengrinews released an article about us, our servers went down. Just a few visitors out of hundreds could break through the barrier and see the website. We ourselves lost any possibility to access either the website nor the admin system, and were totally shocked. Our developers from Ukraine tried all means to sort the issue, but eventually came to the conclusion that the matter was on the side of our hosting provider in the US. We spent another couple of hours in negotiations with the provider, receiving more and more reports from the users about the site and slowly getting into despair. It was the lowest point of the day as we suddenly got a hand from a friend’s friend. A guy from Sweden joined to help – pray for the globalization! – and together we slowly restored the site to operation.

As we found out later, our hosting provider had an emergency case due to complete shutdown of several servers, that affected not only us, but also a few tens of thousands of other websites. Could we oversee such case? Unlikely, but we’ve learned a lesson and took a note to get another (back up) hosting :)

We apologise for the inconvenience to all users who had issues visiting our website. Many thanks to everyone who wrote their words of encouragement, found other ways to contact us and congratulate us with the launch, and even suggested their stories for publication – it was incredibly nice of you all! Thank you very much to media for creating a buzz around the project – we are glad that our initiative is relevant to the public. And a huge thanks to everyone who persisted and eventually managed to enter the site. There are as much as 908 of you !!! We couldn’t even have dreamt about such huge interest in our project from all over the world (see the map below). You gave us the confidence that Koshpendiler is worth fighting for it and pursuing it further. It’s priceless.


The map of Koshpendiler’s unique users (source: Google Analytics)

Thank you for being with us throughout this day. It was a difficult, but still a remarkable one.

See you soon!

Team Koshpendiler


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