Tora, 25, Accountant, Aalen, Germany

“When living in another country in a completely different culture, you start looking at things through different eyes. You realize that there pros and cons for living absolutely everywhere.“

Hello! My name Torgyn, however, almost everyone calls me Tora. I am 25 years old and I am an ordinary economist. At the moment I live in Germany and work as an accountant for a local company.

I was born in a small mining town near Karaganda called Shakhtinsk, but I’ve always longed for a life in a bigger city. As soon as I finished high school, I moved to Astana for my undergraduate studies. Thus, when foreigner ask me from which city I come, I just say that I am a girl from the capital, because most likely they only heard of Almaty and Astana if at all. In my phone I have a couple of videos of the capital and I use every opportunity to proudly show it to everyone, which usually causes lots of surprised but interested looks.

After graduating from the uni in 2013, I packed my 20 kg luggage bag, put my spirits high and moved to Germany through a cultural exchange program. I had only 200 € along, but it didn’t bother me. I do not understand people who say something about the limitations. After all, they are only in our heads.

Now I live in a small town of Aalen, near Stuttgart. It is located in the South of Germany – the most beautiful part of the country. Every town in this area looks magnificent, as if it comes from the old German fairy tales, with their small half-timbered houses, tiled roofs, chimneys and magical Christmas markets. I enjoy the location, because I can easily get to the nearby big cities, and even on the weekends I can go for short trips to Italy, France, or Austria to enjoy a bit of the sun :) The option of moving to a bigger city tempts me quite often though, that’s why I can not say that I’ve found my place already.

When living in another country in a completely different culture, you start looking at things through different eyes. You realize that there pros and cons for living absolutely everywhere. So one of my tips is to see and accept things as they are. Be open, friendly and you will be sure to make new friends quickly, which also leads to faster integration. This way you will also learn the language faster. Be flexible and able to adapt to the mentality of a given society. And do not be afraid to dream and take bold steps to translate your dreams into reality.

I like Germany for its order. Therefore, just like Germans I have a calendar with the plans for the future. What do I write in it? – Travel plans!:) I like to plan my trips to the smallest details. It guarantees pleasant preparations and serves as a countdown to the day X. Next year I plan to travel only around Europe. Although it is relatively small, every little corner is worth attention.

For more information about the visa I had when I arrived, my tips on how to easily learn the language, recommendations about moving abroad and many other interesting facts you – check my next article for Koshpendiler.

PS. What I miss most of all, is my mother’s Besparmak and generally Kazakh cuisine :)

On my Instagram page I share stories from my life, write about various life hacks as well as travel hacks and just show the world through my eyes. I am always happy to answer any questions related to Germany there.


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